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The Psychology Of Cn Designolor 
Audience with Blog Design
Posted in Articles, Web DesignFebruary 22nd, 2012 By Tara Hornor 5 Comments

You may have a list of blogs whose visitor counts you envy. With the right techniques, however, you too can increase your daily or weekly visitors, and possibly even one day rival this list of blogs. You may already know that a blog design should be highly customized to an...

ThPsychology Of Co Design
 he Posted in Articles, Web DesignJanuary 30th, 2012 By Speider Schneider 17 Comments

Have you ever wondered why you seem to be getting hungrier while waiting to place your order at a fast food place or why you eat faster than any human should ingest that poison? Have you ever heard of a “power tie” in business? There are things that excite the...

30+ Inspirational Designs of the Year
Posted in Showcases, Web DesignDecember 26th, 2011 By Mohammad Moradi 15 Comments

As we move into the New Year, it is a important to review what happened in the design community in 2011. However, unlike usual surveys, I will do so by reviewing the notable designs of the year. Although it’s impossible to review all the designs from 2012—I don’t claim to...

How to Make Your Website More Accessible
Posted in Web DesignDecember 19th, 2011 By Anders Ross 9 Comments

Constant improvement is imperative to a world of progress, including the web world. Designing an effective website requires a lot of techniques, skills and testing. Testing determines the usability of the website, which ties into accessibility. Thus, one of the most important things to consider when creating a website is...

How to Correctly Handle the Colors of Your Website
Posted in Web DesignNovember 16th, 2011 By Daniel Pintilie 16 Comments

Using the RGB format and math is simple to determine that the number of existent colors is astronomical and the conclusion is obvious: we have countless colors to use in our projects. It’s true, the differences between these are sometimes too small and for some people the differences are unnoticeable,...

Construct a Framework for a Cross-Cultural Design
Posted in Web DesignOctober 13th, 2011 By Ester Liquori 8 Comments

Nowadays Graphic Designers work globally in many different Countries. The designer should visually communicate symbols and colors. These elements are part of our social everyday life and come together with a various range of meanings which are different for each culture.This makes obvious how much the study of the cross-cultural...

The Art of using Illustrations in Web Design
Posted in Web DesignSeptember 29th, 2011 By Mohammad Moradi 22 Comments

There are many of elements that go into enhancing a web design project. Typography, new technologies and UX design patterns are only some of them. One the most powerful is illustrations and vector graphics. They can be handy in a broad range of applications. Remember the cliché, a picture is...

15+ Inspirational Examples of Website Redesign
Posted in Web DesignSeptember 21st, 2011 By Mohammad Moradi 37 Comments

One of the best ways to survey the evolution of Web design over a number of years is to compare different versions of websites. In other words, by comparing redesigned websites to their earlier incarnations, we become informed about new technologies, design trends and other things that emerged in the...

The Close Relationship Between Gestalt Principles and Design
Posted in Articles, Web DesignSeptember 19th, 2011 By Ester Liquori 18 Comments

Inspiration and creativity always follow recognizable patterns which come from culture and social trends to be effective. To works well design has to consider not just the single element but how the totality is perceived. That’s how we can define the Gestalt Theory, a matter of perception. Visual elements are...

The Key Features of a Perfect Landing Page
Posted in Web DesignAugust 26th, 2011 By Daniel Adams 18 Comments

Computer technology has had a huge impact on the economy and education, and the number of online transactions is escalating. This makes competition tough, although there are endless opportunities. The Internet is a world of opportunity where flowers of success grow on the trees of conversion. The Internet certainly is...

How Many Pages Does A Website Need?
Posted in Web DesignAugust 8th, 2011 By Mohammad Moradi 16 Comments

Designers and clients frequently ask this question before designing or ordering a new website. Is there a “right” answer to it? No. The number of Web pages that a particular website needs directly depends on the type of website, its application and also its potential user base. For example, personal...

How To Handle The Business Side of Design
Posted in Web DesignAugust 3rd, 2011 By Lior Levin 7 Comments

Starting a small business involves a lot of hard work and also requires the proper knowledge of how to manage it all. Having a degree in web development or graphic design is one thing, but does it really qualify you to be a business owner? More than likely it does...

How to Prepare a Well-Focused Graphic Design Portfolio
Posted in Web DesignJuly 15th, 2011 By Ester Liquori 18 Comments

A graphic designer has to take care of its portfolio because it is the way in which he presents his abilities. The portfolio is a collected sample which showcases your creativity and ability and you need to submit it properly to your public. Potential employers or clients may read it...

70+ Fresh WordPress Site Designs for Inspiration
Posted in Inspiration, Web DesignJuly 13th, 2011 By Anders Ross 25 Comments

Many of you should know that instantShift is proudly powered by WordPress, as a Blogging and CMS tool. If you are in search of good CMS or a web tool for your projects, we strongly recommend WordPress to you. WordPress is a great tool, and best thing is FREE! Now...

Effective Home Page Design: Essential Tips and Examples
Posted in Web DesignJuly 12th, 2011 By Mohammad Moradi 10 Comments

A home page is the official entry point of a website, and it’s one the most important pages. Its efficiency directly affects the efficiency of a whole website. Some designers overlook its significant role or fail to take advantage of its potential to enhance their designs. They should learn how...

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